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New clean safety-pinned plastic backs on 25mm badges
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Here's some quotes from just a few of our satisfied customers.

“Everyone is loving the badges! Thanks so much.”
Cathy, Glasgow - 30th September 2022

“Thanks so much for working on that! Badges have just arrived. A special thanks from the Lancôme team – have a great day.”
Sam, London - 7th September 2022

“They've just come and they look SKILL. Thanks for being so quick on this - massively impressed.”
Al, Nottingham - 25th August 2022

“Badges arrived today, they look great.”
Jock McInnes MBE, Perth - 16th August 2022

“Fantastic work as usual cheers. No doubt these will sell fast again so I'll be back soon!”
Andrew Black - 5th July 2022

“That was scary fast! The guys loved the badges and they all got instantly claimed in our FB page. We'll be back!”
Peter MacFarlane, Glasgow - 23rd May 2022

“Unbelievable turnaround once again guys! We'll be back for more when these sell out. Cheers!”
Clive Brooke, Livingstone - 20th May 2022

“Just to say I got my badges today and they are perfect. Thank you so much! I already can’t wait to place my next order :)”
Heather Hawick, Glasgow - 16th April 2022

“Badges arrived THIS MORNING!!! Thanks a mill!”
Jim Thomson, Balfron - 15th March 2022

“Arrived safely today - they're great!”
David McGuiness, Glasgow - 2nd March 2022

“Thanks so much, the badges arrived and they look fantastic!”
Nicky Stewart, Wick - 6th January 2022

“Got the badges today and they’re terrific! Thanks so much for your help and I’m sure we’ll be in touch again soon!”
Andy Pritchard, Gloucestershire - 20th December 2021

“Once again you never fail to impress. We're delighted with our latest bundle and so are the kids in school :)”
Ashley Moore, Bradford - 4th December 2021

“They've arrived and are utterly brilliant! Thanks so much - we'll be with you again in the future!”
Jill Adam, Harrogate - 1st November 2021

“You guys are amazing, thanks for the 10 star service!!!!”
Emma Biggins, Newcastle Upon Tyne - 27th October 2021

“Unbelievably fast service and brilliant badges. I expect these will go quickly so will be back for more in the future.”
Andrew Walker, Oxfordshire - 20th October 2021

“WOW! Do you have a time machine? Incredible service. Happy customer.”
Mark, Walthamstow - 1st October 2021

“Just confirming that I have received the badges and there are perfect! Thank you so much.”
Dorica Santos, Glasgow - 11th September 2021

“The postman delivered the badges at 10:30 this morning - excellent service from Wee Badgers, thank you very much.”
Clare Murton, St Agnes - 10th September 2021

“You're amazing! Thank you. Best badge maker in the country, easily.”
Dan Thompson, Margate - 24th August 2021