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Wee Badgers take your designs and turns them into high-quality pin button badges at a great price in no time at all.

Customers range from rock bands to theatres, schools and charities. Ordering button badges is fast and simple. We look forward to hearing from you!

Quick response and turnaround

We're constantly praised for our great communication and quick replies, so if you have any questions at all, please email [email protected]! We can also reply to enquiries by SMS.

Royal Mail have more strikes planned in the coming weeks which will delay deliveries to our customers. They are 9th, 11th, 14th, 15th, 23rd & 24th Dec. The strikes are out of our control sadly and we recommend that you order as early as you can when possible.

Wee Badgers survived the pandemic and managed to keep our quality, speed and prices the same throughout, so thank you for being a loyal customer!

Sadly though, because of the increase in prices from our suppliers, we now have no choice but to do the same in order to survive, something we held off having to do as long as we could.

The prices have increased by roughly 10%, but we will continue to get your lovely wee badges to you promptly :)

Here are some of the badges we've made recently.

All our badges now require a signature on delivery, so you can be confident that your package is safe!

Order your badges now quickly and easily!

It's now even easier to order your badges! Simply use the order form to tell us how many badges you want and to upload your design. If your image is particularly large, please email it to [email protected] instead.

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Quote of the week

“Thanks so much for the badges - they look amazing and were so speedily made! Really appreciate it and hope to be back to order more soon.”
Katherine MacKinnon, Glasgow - 8th November 2022