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How to order your badges

It's very simple!

1. Design your badge

Try to make it at least 3" x 3" and we'll shrink it into our template for you.

Or, download one of our templates. Right-click your required size: 25mm, 38mm or 55mm and save to your desktop. Mac users can hold the 'control' key then click on the link, and select 'download'. The centre circle is what shows on the badge, while the outer circle is the 'bleed' that wraps around the side and is most likely going to get chopped off.

Please make sure your design has enough of a surrounding area to compensate for this. This is especially important if your image is a photo or has a patterned background. Save as a high quality (300 DPI preferred) JPG.

With bleed (what we need). What your badge will look like.

Need more help? Read our advice on designing a beautiful badge!

Please don't send your image in a Microsoft Word document - we can't guarantee the quality of badges designed in this way.

If you don't have computer access don't panic. Send us your image by post (Wee Badgers, PO BOX 3821, Glasgow, G46 6JY) for us to scan. Again, please make this as high quality as possible. Please supply a phone number with your design so we can contact you if there are any queries. Don't forget to tell us how many you require and to enclose payment.

Also, if you don't have time to do the design and just want some text on a badge, visit our text badges page.

2. Send your image

Just attach it to an email with your order details and shipping address to [email protected], or post it to Wee Badgers, PO BOX 3821, Glasgow, G46 6JY

3. Pay

Select the size and quantity you require from our sizes and prices page where you can pay online. Otherwise, let us know if you're sending a cheque. Please include your name as reference when emailing your design and payment. Wee Badgers will let you know when they're on the way to you!

Turnaround is very quick, normally 1-5 days on average. When you order we'll give you an estimated turnaround time, and also email you when they're on the way!


Our Frequently Asked Questions page might help. If not, Wee Badgers will happily answer any questions you have very quickly so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you're unclear about anything at all.