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New clean safety-pinned plastic backs on 25mm badges
Text Badges

Badge design advice

We want you to be happy with your badges! Here are a few important tips to follow.

Tip 1

Remember the 25mm badge in particular is quite small. Don't have text too small or thin if you want it to be read easily.

Tip 2

Save it as high quality as you can (preferably 300 DPI), and as a JPG file.This will give you a better quality badge.
Please don't send your image in a Microsoft Word document - we can't guarantee the quality of badges designed in this way.

Tip 3

It may sound silly, but please remember the badge is round and designs like square record sleeves will have corners cut off.

Tip 4

If you have a pattern or photo type design please give us as much 'bleed' as you can to help wrap the design round the edge of the badge.

Here's an example. The photo on the right is what the desired badge is going to look like, while the image on the left shows the original photo with a good amount of "bleed" (the extra area that's going to wrap around the edge of the badge and get chopped off). Please give us as much of this area as you can!

With bleed (what we need). What your badge will look like.

You can even download one of our templates. Right-click your required size: 25mm, 38mm or 55mm and save to desktop. Mac users can hold the 'control' key then click on the link, and select 'download'. The white area is the face of the badge, while the blue area is the "bleed" (the area around the edges which may get cut off). Make sure the blue area is covered by your image as this wraps around the badge.

If you need any help at all, please just email us at [email protected].